Балтийский регион
Baltic Region
ISSN: 2079-8555 (Print)
ISSN: 2310-0524 (Online)

1. When submitting a manuscript to the journal, the author confirms that the paper has not been previously published before and is being considered for publication anywhere. All co-authors should approve the manuscript and agree to publish it in the Baltic Region.

Any breach of these principles may lead to a withdrawal of a manuscript. In the event of the violation of these principles after the publication of a manuscript, the editors have the right to withdraw it from the journal. 

2. The manuscripts submitted for publication must be relevant and novel. The structure of an article should include the aim and objectives of the research, methodology, a description, and discussion of the main research results and conclusions.

3. The recommended length of an article is about  40 thousand characters with spaces.

4. References should include at least 30 sources, and no less than 50% of which should be recent, i.e. published during the last 10 years. Self-citation should not exceed 10% of the list of references.

5. Links to all non-author's Internet sources, regulatory documents, datasets, etc. should be given in footnotes and are not included in the list of references.

6. According to the principles of Editorial Ethics, the author should send a scanned copy of a signed License agreement granting the right to use the work. This is a confirmation that the manuscript has not previously been published, will not be submitted to other journals in the future, and has not been published either in full or in part anywhere. The author is expected to give his or her consent to the processing of personal data.

7. The Baltic Region is published in Russian and English and is indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus

8. The journal adheres to the policy "Your paper, your way". This means that authors are not expected to format the article in accordance with the requirements of the journal during the initial submission. However, the manuscript should include all the necessary elements (title, abstract, keywords, structured text, and references). Please note that the work must still be neatly formatted, and tables and figures must be readable. Upon approval of the manuscript for publication, the authors are expected to format the text according to the guidelines provided. 

9. All questions about publishing an article in the Baltic region can be sent to the Deputy Chief Editor of the journal, Tatiana Y. Kuznetsova, by e-mail: tikuznetsova@kantiana.ru or tikuznetsova@gmail.com.


Download an article template.

An article must contain the following structural elements:

1) Title in Russian and English (up to 12 words);

2) Abstract in Russian and English (150-200 words), which includes:

  • introductory remarks about the topic;
  • aim and objectives of the research;
  • research methodology;
  • main results;
  • conclusions. 

The abstract should not repeat the text of the article. No sentences taken from the article or the title can be used in the abstract. The abstract should not contain numbers, tables, or footnotes.

3) Keywords in Russian and English (4-8 words);

4) The text of the publication should be structured according to the IMRAD principle. If it is impossible to stick to the IMRAD structure, the article should be divided into thematic blocks.

5) The list of sources (no less than 30) is built in the order of appearance in the text and formatted in accordance with the Harvard System of Referencing Guide in the original language of the publication and a separate block in Latin (References). The numbering of entries in the reference section is continuous regardless of the language of the publication. 

6) Information about the authors in Russian and English (name, patronymic and family name in full, academic degrees, titles, position, place of work (organization, city, country, postal address, e-mail, ORCID).

7) Acknowledgements should be brief. Acknowledgements can contain grant and contribution numbers.